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The Classroom Closet’s mission is to empower ​educators by alleviating the burden of ​purchasing supplies, ensuring teachers have ​the resources necessary to inspire and educate ​our community’s next generation.

Our program will support Peoria Public School teachers with a pilot ​program, starting in July 2024 at Lincoln K-8

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About Us

When the pandemic disrupted the reading buddy program at Lincoln K-8 of District ​150, Joan Coleman, a volunteer, decided to assist her designated teacher by providing ​supplies. It was shocking to learn that a significant portion of classroom supplies are ​provided by teachers without reimbursement.

After being inspired by an organization in Indianapolis dedicated to providing free vi​tal supplies and resources to teachers for classroom success, this volunteer was mo​ved to try to do “something bigger”, and with the help of a community-minded friend​, Sarah Edwards, The Classroom Cl​oset was born.

Our vision is to foster a supportive community and create partnerships that ensure ​access to high-quality materials to allow teachers to focus on inspiring and educating our ​community’s next generation.

school supplies: multicolored wooden pencils, paper stickers, paper clips, pencil sharpener

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